This CD is a homepop superplex with several lifechangingly good songs. Upon initial contact it seemed kind of drab, somewhat confined by it's mechanized drums and seemingly monotone vocal delivery. But like any good pop, like any pop worth listening to for years on end, like any intelligent, well- crafted pop, somewhere around the 4th listen, the melodies begin to emerge. The vocals become increasingly dynamic. And the songs just take over. The first song to latch onto my brain was "Purple Burt", with it's seemingly silly Syd Barrett rollockyness and playful lyrics. It's almost like children's music, but not. Then track one sprouted in my eardrum. "Simplification", featuring a typically melodically-spastic burst of guitar glory by Dave Gregory, formerly of XTC. Again, at first the Gregory bits just seemed like fast piles of notes whizzing past. Until you realize their complexity and their relation to the song. And pretty soon you find yourself with canker sores around your lips from trying to whistle along! Ow! Not recommended. And so it continues with The Importance of Sauce. "Indian Giver", "This Friend". Any fan of latter-day XTC, They Might Be Giants, Adrian Belew, Robyn Hitchcock etc. will know the drill. Absolutely classic and vital. Buy this *&#% now!!!