A one man show, Friedman plays simple, effective
music and sings along with minimalistic songs and
short sound theaters that are both friendly and
whimsically quirky at the same time. The music
uses keyboards, simple drum patterns, guitars,
samples, loopy piano parts, and assorted sound
effects. With lots of silliness, you get original
songs and covers like: "You'd Be So Nice To
Come Home To" over a militaristic snare with
jets, sirens and other war sounds; an abnormal
"You Really Got Me"; or a rewritten, oddly
acapella "La Bamba". Other pieces include "Dinner
For None", a reading of a hypothetically disgusting
dinner menu, and the "Birdhouse" aviary. All is
far from the realm of normalcy, but never
obnoxiously so, as a friendly tone is maintained
throughout this fun tape of personal weirdness.

TEDDY BEAR MUSIC (from Germany)
Mitch Friedman is an American artist from
New York and here are 25 songs to listen to.
One must not look at it with a narrow view
and when listening, one must not necessarily
be in a good mood, it comes on it's own at the
very least with "La Bamba". Really listen to
the beautiful conversion of "You Really Got
Me". It's a noise maker even though it's
not necessarily spectacularly arranged.

Mitch simplifies a little and has arranged the
songs accordingly, not in a complicated arrangement.
Evidently he appears not to regard his music seriously,
though the multi-faceted aspect of it nevertheless is
enormous. I liked the cassette truly very much. To listen
to it, you should really, in any event.

The class clown extraordinaire is at it again
with this new tape. Included are some parodies
of "La Bamba", "You Really Got Me", a thrash
song called "Thrash Dash", and even a native
raindance that has realistic sound effects, and
lyrics "buckets buckets/cats and dogs".  Weird